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SRSPU is constantly nominated in ratings of leading universities of Russia and CIS States. It is among 50 best technical universities of Russia honorable by employers and top 100 Russian universities.


The unique laboratory resources of Physics and Electronics Department equipped with modern facilities of characterization nanomaterials with the licensed specialized software are used for training specialists. Students develop their skills in the students’ Design Bureaus, where the unique models of the working techniques are being developed.

Facts & Figures

Degree: BSc in Electronics
Course type: Bachelor
Language of instruction: English (100%)
Duration: 48 months (240 ECTS)
Start: October 1

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General information

If you are interested in majoring in condensed matter physics and nanoelectronics, our bachelor‘s degree program provides an excellent opportunity for you to acquire the necessary skills to enter a career in highly dynamic fields in nanotechnology.

Nanoelectronics, as seen from an electrical engineering point of view, essentially comprises three major aspects: device technology, electronic circuits and architectures as well as system design and application. Modern electronic circuits exhibit an enormous complexity with minimum feature sizes on the device level down to 20 nm and lower. Ongoing miniaturization combined with performance improvements and increasing functionality as well as the integration of novel materials, radically new device concepts and new applications are pushing technological limits further and further.

A glance to some facts and figures clearly reveals the huge labour market for graduates majoring in nanoelectronics: In recent years the worldwide market for micro- and nanoelectronics has grown by about 5%; its share of the world’s economy is estimated to be 10% of the worldwide gross domestic product. Further growth is predicted in view of the ongoing penetration of digitalization in our everyday life, in the work environment and in industrial production.

Admission Procedure

  • Send a request
  • Before August send to imo.npi.tu@gmail.com the filled-in application form, copies of your international passport and education certificate in English.
  • Receive the official invitation for entry into the Russian Federation within one month after application.
  • Submit the following documents for admission:
    • original of education certificate and its supplements;
    • copy of certificate of recognition of the foreign education certificate (subject to the applicable law of Russia);
    • certified Russian translation of the foreign education certificate and its supplements;
    • voluntary health insurance policy valid in Novocherkassk;
    • certificate of health (mandatory notes on negative status for tuberculosis, leprosy, STDs and malaria);
    • certificate of HIV-negative status;
    • 6 photos, 3*4 cm (black and white, matte).
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